We are living in the digital age so it is important to align our practices basing on the fast-paced needs of our clients. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your business is in smooth and successful operation all the time. One way to achieve your business goals is having a trusted and reliable system you and your employees can count on to. When it comes to payroll and HR tasks, the most tedious part of traditional HR management is the question and answer portion when it comes to vacation leaves and sick leaves. The good news is that you can invest in a web-based timesheet software to help you in handling employees' PTO. There are tons of benefits this system can offer you such as:


1. Having a transparent timesheet system. A free timesheet system can be accessed by your employees have their own username and password which means that they can view their own PTO and timesheet details. They are able to view all the information about the number of days left for their vacation leaves and sick leaves.


2. A lesser workload for HR department. Everything that was usually asked before is readily available to your employees. Your payroll and HR staff can focus on other important aspects of their job.


3. Empowers your employees. Having their own access on the system itself, your employees have a full control of their schedule because they don't need to wait for the right timing to approach their HR staff to seek approval for a PTO. The system is automated and they can just file their PTO online and will receive notification if it will be approved or not. To know more about software solutions, visit


4. Easy and flexible access. Your employee can file PTO, delete PTO or make schedule swaps. In a given month, for example, your employee can check his shifting in a given time frame, the available PTO dates, the allowable number of PTO and the number of hours worked or absences.


5. Gives you an edge on your competitors. Having free printable time sheets software entices other job seekers because your business or company is perceived as having high-tech equipment and system which are very beneficial to them.



If you are looking for a trusted and reliable provider of a cloud-based timesheet software, we are here to help you. Try visiting our website so you can try our free trial of timesheet software.